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10 Best Backless Booster Seats 2020: Buyers Guide

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If you’re in the market for a good, affordable backless booster seat for your child or twins, then be sure to check our top 10 Best Backless Booster Seats for 2020 with a buyers’ guide included in ensuring that you choose the right booster for your little kiddy.

A car seat is a must-have for pint-sized ones. This element is convenient, not dangerous and best-suited for a newborn baby as well as babies from 3 months to 12 months. On the other hand, as kids grow up in height and weight, the car seat is no longer the best substitute for them. As a result, you need to find another alternative to offer your kids a safe and relaxed seat during traveling by car. And, the ultimate choice would be a Backless Booster seat.

Shopping for the best car booster seat is a multifaceted process. Parents need to look at what impacts car safety for their kids without compromising their ease during travel. At the same time, they need to choose inviting schemes which don’t turn kids away from the booster seat. Fortunately, full seats and backless seats are obtainable in many forms. Some designs even come with the added adaptability of choosing between a backless and a full seat adaptation. All the more, the best booster seats can be adjusted to provide accommodations for kids as they grow.


Types of car seats

There are mostly three main types of booster car seats. The types are backless, high back, and mixture.  Backless boosters are merely a cushion to raise the child. High back boosters comprise back and head support. Mixture car seats can be used for younger children and used to become boosters. They cannot transform to backless and are a heavier duty. Safety is vital with booster seats. A backless booster ought to only be used if the child’s head does not reach difficult than the seat behind him. Then, a high back booster is essential. Backless booster car seats hang on your vehicle’s seat for head and back support and the vehicle seat belt for restriction. Their key function is to increase the child’s height so the seat belt fits properly. Most have no other installation tools, though some boosters have a LATCH connection system to provide additional stability.

As with all car seats, there are some simple safety measures to follow. Parents should not use any car seat that is too ancient, damaged, or has been in a crash. If the car seat has been a call to mind, is missing parts, or has no label it must not be used. It is commonly best to buy a brand new car seat. If a seat is used it is energetic that parents know the seat’s history. They need to know its expiration date and whether it has been spoiled or even been involved in a crash.

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The 10 Best Backless Booster Seats for 2020

The following are the best backless booster seats you can discover on the market and are very appropriate for your kids, they are as follows;


1. Graco Affix​ Backless Booster Car Seat Review

1. Graco Affix​ Backless Booster Car Seat

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The Graco Affix Youth Backless Booster seat has an exceptional, easy to set up front-adjust fastener that makes certain easy installation. You can simply remove the back portion hence suitable since it grows with your child to ensure years of use. Your child will love that it stays strong in place making it easy for them to fasten themselves. The cup holders and storage segments on the booster seat are appropriate for your child as it clamps their drinks while on the road.

The head support has several layers and it can be raised or dropped to keep your growing child harmless and comfortable. We like that with Affix Youth Booster, you can without difficulty remove the back portion to make the seat fit your growing child so you do not need to care about changing the booster seat. When it comes to your child’s ease while on the road, the seat has a section to safely retain what they value and a cup holder for their drinks.

The Affix Youth Booster is designed with style and relaxation features that your kid will love. The headrest is designed with various layers that will help your child a comfortable ride. The high back booster car seat is aimed to be fully flexible to always attain the proper fit, keeping your child secure on all of your journeys organized.

Nevertheless, many of these characteristics are in point of fact adjustable. The headrest can be raised up for correct kids’ comfort with growth. With just one hand, parents can protect the booster to the car’s seat. Obviously, more can be done for well-being even by the child. Self-buckling is conceivable when a child is seated. With additional loops, the seatbelt can be simply adjusted both with a great back and the backless modes.

The booster is extremely adjustable and it meets safety guidelines. Also, it comes with EPS relaxation and shock-absorbing foam. Various parents do note that it can be tough to tighten the LATCH anchors, and the connectors are the mature hook style rather than the relaxed push-on connectors. Conversely, we appreciate the addition of LATCH to a backless booster. General, the Affix is cool to use, lightweight, reasonable and has the LATCH system. So, if this is your first time acquiring a backless booster, the Affix is a boundless first purchase.



  • Very convincing in terms of price
  • Has a fastening tool
  • Lightweight
  • The cloth can be simply removed and can be washed with a machine



  • Not as high as other unfaltering high back booster seats
  • The fastener anchor strips are faintly short


2. ClekOzzi Booster Car Seat

2. ClekOzzi Booster Car Seat 


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When it comes to conveying car seats from one vehicle to another, ClekOzzilessens the hassle thanks to its lightweight. It has fasteners that attach firmly and in seconds to your vehicle’s lower anchor provided that adds stability to your booster seat in case of an impact. Extra features that both you and your kid will love comprises padded armrests for comfort, a drink holder and calm free-hands that will give you plenty of time carrying the seat from one vehicle to another.

We like the Clek rigid fasteners that are located in the middle of the fold of the seat rear and seat cushion that will cling to your child’s seat sturdy in case of a collision and anchors in its place strongly within just 10 seconds. Its quick-release method guarantees easy and quick removal just as its installation.

ClekOzzi’s seat covers are smoothly designed to blend with your car’s interior. When it comes to housework, the seat covers are easily separable for washing. The comfort seat avoids your child’s bum from being numb, ensuring the seat offers a stylish, comfortable and clean ride. Just about $74.99 with a 1-year warranty and 9-year expiration period at the time of writing this article gives you worth for your money over the years. The ClekOzzi portable seat is intended to keep your little one safe. Its movability and secure seating make this faultless for on the go families.

Under the seat cover, you’ll discover a layer of energy-absorbing foam plus a thicker foam cushion that stops the numb butt issue. The fabric also cloaks around the underside of the seat, guarding your vehicle’s seat against scratches and snags. Parents can procure extra accessories to go along with this booster seat, like a cleaning kit, a drink holder, a travel bag, and a seat mat. Unfortunately, the Ozzi is around double the price of other seats on the list, and various parents do note that it can be hard to fasten the seat with the rigid LATCH system. Bearing in mind the price, its bare basic, and you have to order add-ons if you want them.



  • Detachable seat covers that are easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Good for travel



  • Not all seating situations work well
  • A bit high-priced


3. ChiccoGoFit Plus​ Backless Booster Seat Review

3. ChiccoGoFit Plus​

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Made with a contoured seat, the booster is ergonomically considered. It comes with dual foam padding providing the much-needed support kids love. In the case of foam, it is before now used by various manufacturers as it makes available a solid base for comfort and shock absorption.

Those worrying about stains on the booster can also rest guaranteed. The same goes for the covers of the armrests which confirm that Chicco already placed care on the cleanliness of the booster in the future. Distinct design functionality comes with the elastic cup holders. This space-saving design is not yet gotten in most other seats. But this modest ingenious design choice lets parents save space in the back of the car when the cup holders are not being used to hold cups. Though, the practicality of the design does not end here. The booster also comes with a built-in handle that permits parents to simply transport it from and to the car.

When it approaches its purpose, the booster is lauded for its simple and well-organized performance. There is an assimilated lap guide and a shoulder belt clip to deliberate for kids’ safety. As most parents can bear out, the booster is not the cheapest choice in the design with any back support. At the same time, most parents know that the added padding can be worth the investment. This is why the booster is such a decent choice when it comes to long trips where coziness can be an issue on most alternatives.

But no booster is perfect. Chiccobefore now knows that to make the GoFit Belt-Positioning Backless Booster better they need to enhance an anchoring system that would stop it from moving around the backseat. At the moment, parents can select it for its comfort in one of the colors which consists of grape, shark, and raindrop.

Kids who value additional cushioned boosters are going to love the thickness of the GoFit Belt-Positioning Backless Booster.



  • Made with dual foam padding
  • Emanates with washable armrests
  • Comprises innovative folding cup holders
  • Planned with a carry handle
  • Suggested for kids between 40 and 110lbs


  • No fastening system


4. Mifold Grab-and-Go​ Backless Booster Seat Review

Mifold Grab-and-Go​ Backless Booster Seat Review


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Mifold Grab-and-Go brags of its capability to fold up to fit into the slightest spaces so you won’t have to worry about where to carry it. When it comes to protection, it has been regularly tested to meet federal safety measures. It is perfect for small cars thanks to its capacity to fit perfectly three-in-a-row.

Ride with peace of mind with a car booster that has been frequently tested to give you a guarantee of your child’s safety during your travel. It can be additionally adjusted to securely restrain children of all sizes thanks to the modifiable lap belt guides that are also fast to adjust allowing swift, stress-free and precise adjustment for children of all sizes. The belt can be simply set up with just one hand.

Its design is innovative to be solid, easy to transport and safe. The Mifold Grab-and-Go is designed 10 times smaller than ordinary booster car seats and weighs just about 1.75 pounds that can at all times be carried along without filling up the car. Its design is engineered to look after children from 4 years old of age and above with an irreplaceable fabric that avoids sliding, does not heat up on hot days and is cool to clean.

Mifold Grab-and-Go is distinctive because it is the most innovative, solid, and cool to transport child car safety seat ever designed. It is usually meant for use in place of old-fashioned boosters. Make your family visits and ride-sharing capability memorable with Mifold Grab-and-Go.



  • Essential for carpooling and family visits.
  • Innovative
  • Enormously portable
  • Cool to use
  • Excessive for on-the-go
  • Can securely seat 3 kids in a row



  • The sitting position ought to be too low for some kids
  • Setting it up is fairly a task but it turns out to be easier once you get it.


5. Evenflo Big Kid AMP Backless Booster Seat Review

Evenflo Big Kid AMP Backless Booster Seat Review

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The Evenflo AMP make available safety and comfort with shock fascinating foam liner and seats that can adjust up to 6 heights with just one hand. The cup holders let your kid travel with their drink that keeps them engaged during the ride. It fits children weigh up between 30-110 pounds of 38-57 inches’ height thanks to the seat that can simply change from a high-back booster to a no-back booster.

Multipurpose boosters are the new norm for modern parents. It makes the environment in which the same manufactured goods can be used and loved by kids as they grow.

With Evenflo AMP booster seats, you do not need to buy a fresh seat as your child grows taller but just easily regulate the seat’s height up to 6 positions higher for their ease and safety. The energy-absorbing foam liner will look after your child in case of control keeping them safe always.

Your child will like that it is considered with cup holders on both sides since they can effortlessly access their drinks by just stretching their arm. You will appreciate that your car seat will every time be clean thanks to the seat pads that can be easily washed using a machine.

With a design that only comes with 6 height adjustability points, it is not the utmost versatile solution in its class. But at the same time, it has sufficient freedom of adjustability to suit growing kids. Amplified with foam, it comes with a comfortable sitting involvement. All of the pads on the seat can be detached and machine washed for a new look when needed.

The seat can be a choice for kids as it is accepted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With a harmless design that shields the head and the shoulders from lateral impact, it can be used for any type of drive. In terms of kids’ size, the booster can be used as soon as the kids reach 40 pounds and up to when they touch 110 pounds.

Evenflo AMP provides care and coziness to your growing child. The padded liners and 6 position height adjustable seats create this the one of the best, sensibly priced booster car seat for travel. With thick foam padding and certified principles of safety, the seat is a viable Evenflo option.



  • Made with abundant padding
  • It can remain used with or without a backrest
  • Comprised cup holders
  • Machine washable pads can be without difficulty removed



  • Single 6 positions for height adjustability


6. Hiccapop uberboost

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This Hiccapop Inflatable Car Seat Booster costs $28.92 and only ponders a little over a pound. It is designed for children starting ages from four to eight years old or children who weigh 40-100 pounds. It’s fast and easy to inflate, install, decrease, and roll up for relaxed storage in its carry bag. This cushiony comfortable booster is considered to be used with any typical three-point seatbelt harness, and it positions seat belts over a child’s lap as a substitute over the stomach which could be dangerous in car accidents.

The outside covering of this product is made of a non-skid base, the internal part is made of a dense and durable vinyl bladder is that will not rupture or burst. The makers of Hiccapop also bid a 100% lifetime guarantee. This one meets or surpasses the US safety standard FMVSS 213.

The indication of using an inflatable booster seat appears strange, but for traveling families, you can deflate the seat in seconds. It turns right into backpacks, large purses, and suitcases.  Kids between 4-11 years old can make use of this booster seat.

Transportability and lightweight design are the significant benefits of this seat. It doesn’t gross up too much room when it’s inflated, so it’s great for compacted vehicles. The non-skid base grips the seat in place, so you don’t have to fear about it sliding around.

Hiccapop added belt-positioning clips on the side to relief get the lap belt into the right place across your child’s lap. Most kids say that the HiccapopUberBoost is very relaxed for long rides. Using all of that air, it has to be like trying to sit on a pillow!

The major concern when it comes to the Hiccapop is that there is always the threat of holes. It does come with a spot for holes, but if you make sure pencils or roughhousing, the risk is still there. The seat could pop a few times.  So, if you need a random seat for traveling, consider the UberBoost. It’s not ideal for daily use.

HiccapopUberboost features:

  • Appropriate for children age 4-11 years, weighing from 40-100 lbs (18-45 kg)
  • Very compacted and lightweight
  • Inflates and deflates rapidly
  • Arises with its bag
  • Lifetime assurance



  • So cool to use that even a child can help install it.
  • Feasibly helpful with air travel and dining out.



  • Some users grumble that it’s not very durable
  • Some users complain that it’s not very long-lasting.


7. Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat Review

Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat Review

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The booster is made to amend kids between 40 and 100lbs. Children can be among 40 and 57 inches tall. A decent way to ensure they are at the right height on the booster is when the seatbelt dashes their shoulders. The backless TurboBooster easily provides accommodations for big kids. The GracoTurboBooster is additional comfortable thanks to their armrests that are well-padded and their height that can be attuned to perfectly fit your child.

In terms of design consistency, the booster has been best rated by leading consumer magazines and highway welfare regulation. But the booster also comes with some sort of adjustability. The armrests are designed to be modifiable to your child’s height ensuring added comfort throughout the journey. The seat cushions are machine washable thanks to their parts that are made of plastic and metal which can be effortlessly cleaned with readily available soaps and water.

The booster has been designed to meet and surpass federal regulatory standards. But even with a focus on protection, it still comes with unique characteristics. These include the hideaway cup holders not compulsory for appropriate comfort and easy right of entry to various delicious drinks. GracoTurboBooster is built to hang onto your child safe in the car. It has a belt-positioning backless seat that lets your child sit in a position that the car seat belt will fit suitably offering them protection in case of an accident.

Being a modest booster, it is lightweight as well. Parents traveling and installing the booster on their own will need no help in creating a calm environment where the booster is taken in and out of the car easily. It comes from a weight of just 5.1 pounds. Parents who worry about germs and the sanitation of the booster can rest guaranteed as well. The booster comes with a detachable seat cushion that can be washed in the washing machine with standard temperatures.

GracoTurboBooster has been cautiously tested to meet U.S. protection standards making it a trusted choice to help your kid enjoy a comfortable and harmless car ride even if they are not yet large enough to use the car seat. It’s certainly worth your money.



  • Very inexpensive yet durable
  • Has twin cup holders that also ends and can be hard-pressed in when not in use
  • Cool to clean covers
  • Changeable armrests for more comfort
  • Has a strap to avoid the seat belt from digging into your kid’s neck
  • It’s super easy to accumulate and install in your car



  • Has no latch but in the occasion of a crash, the booster will still keep on safe


8. The BubbleBum Booster Seat Review

The BubbleBum Booster Seat Review

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The award-winning BubbleBum Booster Seat is designated as an inflatable booster seat. Nevertheless, it contains additional memory foam than air, meaning that it will protect your child even if pierced in an accident.

BubbleBum Booster Seat takes up to 20 seconds to inflate for use, then deflates rapidly and folds to a small size, faultless for popping into your hand luggage or backpack. Rated a ‘Best Bet’ Booster by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) up to 8 years in a row, it’s considered for use with a 3-point adult seat belt (not a lap belt). The shoulder belt positioning clip and side lap belt clips help to keep your child safe and comfortable.

At just 1.2 lbs it is the brightest travel booster seat we reviewed and it’s also the cheapest. But because it is slightly smaller than some other travel boosters, we feel it’s more suitable for shorter journeys than long road trips.


BubbleBum booster seat features:

  • Appropriate for children age 4-11 years, weighing from 40-100 lbs
  • Inflates and deflates hurriedly
  • Lightweight and folds to a solid size and easy to store anywhere
  • Originates with its bag
  • Made of a long-lasting material
  • Narrow design permits you to use 3 across the back seat


9. KidsEmbrace Spider-Man Booster Car Seat Review

KidsEmbrace Spider-Man Booster Car Seat Review

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So this is the most recent product on our list and the finest part about this product is that it is available in 2 amazing designs. One of the design structures spider man graphics and the second one features Avengers graphics. The seat is valued as one of the safest one and it has armrest as well as cup holders. Generally, this seat doesn’t fail to excite people because of the features offered by it. The seat is extremely comfortable and this is mainly because of the cushioning.



  • It comes with easy cushioning and belt-positioning clip.
  • The seat has 1 cup holder also
  • Can be used for kids in the middle of 40 pounds and 100 pounds
  • The age of the child can be amongst 2 years and 10 years



  • Precisely versatile as it has a wide range of weight limit
  • Emanates with adjustable straps which adds to the security
  • Cool to store and can also help you in storing a snack for the baby.



  • Absences a proper latching mechanism


10. Cosco Topside Backless Booster Review

Cosco Topside Backless Booster Review

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Cosco is a trustworthy brand that has existed for over 70 years and is recognized for designing and manufacturing safe and durable baby products, including bouncers, play yards, car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings and more.

The Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat is a mirror image of this reputation as it is a safe, affordable, and easy car seat with a smart and convenient design that makes available your child with the boost they need to keep their seatbelts correctly and securely positioned. The Cosco Topside is an appropriate backless booster for children above the age of 4 that weigh between 40 and 100 pounds and between 43 and 57 inches in height. It is obtainable in 5 different colors and patterns, comprising ‘Leo’, ‘Grape’, ‘Magenta’, ‘Realtree’ (Camouflage design), and ‘Turquoise’.


Frequently asked questions


Can I use a booster in my car?

A booster can also be used in most cars. Various boosters come with a latch system which permits it to be tied to the backseat.


Why are some car boosters so expensive?

Car boosters originate at different prices. Those made from top materials usually cost more, but they are not automatically safer than affordable alternatives.


Is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety government being supported?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is, in fact, an independent body. It is an organization maintained by auto insurers.


Must I choose a high back or a backless booster?

A multipurpose booster that comes with a detachable backrest can save parents money in the long term.


I’ve been in an accident, can I still use the car booster?

If your car has been in the most important accident, it is not suggested to use the booster. Acquiring a new one is the right way to go.


What is EPS foam?

The EPS foam is used in the manufacture of some modern boosters. Stretched out polystyrene is a type of rigid foam, due to its locked cell foam density.


Buyer’s guide: How to Pick the Best Backless Booster Seats:

Purchasing a new car booster seat may not be the coolest process parents need to go through. It is one of the greatest important decisions when it comes to the kids’ care. It is why all parents ought to take the time to inform themselves about the positives of a decent car booster seat.


Safety certifications

Safety certifications do not come simply to car booster seat producers. They are frequently obtained from third party companies and they can be a further assurance that the seat is made rendering to modern standards. Separately from the certifications themselves, the seat also has to essentially minimize the risk of the child in case of a car accident.


Car compatibility

Most boosters can be built-in in modern cars. In case a car comes with an airbag in the part of the booster, parents need to check the vehicle’s manual to see if it is safe to use a booster in the area. Most cars even do come with airbag deactivation as a result.

Simple installation is also a must for recent parents. With substantial luggage, baby clothes and kids’ foods to carry, the weight of the car booster seat can be vital as well. Nevertheless, it would never be the sole responsible factor as many parents even leave the booster in the car at all times.


Age-appropriate designs

All kids have a duty to know that up to 120lbs, they are suggested to sit on the booster, on the backseat of the car, with the seatbelt or harness put on. This means that boosters ought to be used according to the age or according to the height of the child.


Materials and their impact on comfort

There are numerous materials used in car booster seat construction. It is tough for parents to establish if certain metals are improved or if certain forms are better. Relating a few products and seeing the product’s certifications are amongst the tools parents have when it comes to the booster’s care.

When it comes to comfort, parents have an additional important say. With poles apart cushioning foams and covers, parents can have an improved understanding of the category of comfort their child can expect. It is often that parents are truly complaining about thin padding, which can create uneasiness, especially on longer trips.

Having the capability to choose boosters with removable and washable covers is crucial. It is endorsed to keep the seat cover as clean as possible. This is the reason it needs to be washed as often as possible. But not all seats offer this purpose. For example, part of the cushioning can never be detached in some designs, as it usually occurs with the armrest cushioning.


Harness adjustability

Not all car booster seats come with tie together adjustability for height. This is not essentially a problem. However, there are several occurrences where the most amazing results in terms of protection, fit and comfort come as a result of good height harness adjustability. As kids grow, they might sense more comfortable with an advanced harness position. In numerous cases, this adjustability can come with substantially improved results when it comes to comfort. It also cares about the back of the child properly. From least of 6 to a maximum of 12, these height adjustments can make the difference between several boosters.


Headrest cushioning

Headrests are vital for comfort. Surprisingly, some manufacturers are still thin on the cushioning in this part. Apart from offering additional cushioning on the backside of the head, they likewise need to protect the head with lateral maintenance and cushioning.


Shoulder protection

Suitable shoulder protection is not obtainable by all car booster seats. But lateral effects are dangerous and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible by all producers. Even more, its design ought to act as a shell and work together with the head protection to deliver suitable safety from all angles.


Colors and design

One of the often unnoticed characteristics of a car booster seat hails from colors and design. It is essential to consider the choices at hand when it comes to what the kids like. Some of the best successful boosters combine correct safety elements with attractive designs. They can make the kids look forward to being carefully tucked in the seat.


Belt paths

One more overlooked design element comes with belt-positioning guide lanes. They can guarantee the belt is used at a correct angle. They offer an exact fit which is crucial when it comes to appropriate protection. While some parents see them as likely problems as they can scuff the seatbelt in time, most of them are reliable and they increase to the safety of the car booster.


Cup holders

One more accessory which is often overlooked originates with included cup holders or snack holder. Frequently, kids try to reach for a drink or a snack that they attempt to get out of the car seat. It is why parents must ensure they have all that’s needed to make them restfully sit in place. Most manufacturers now provide at least one cup holder. On the other hand, some of these cup holders can simply be removed, which, as parents know, is as difficult as they can be thrown around the car. Hideaway cup holders are also cherished as they can be taken away from the child’s eyesight when not in use.



Whether you are receiving a backless booster car seats for the first time or you have done it before, having a diversity of choices to select from with stimulating different features can make your selection difficult. One thing to put in mind all the time is the purpose of the car seat to aid you to choose the best backless booster seat that will fit your want such as; for dissimilar ages, for travel, for dogs, or a small car.

Again, if you have two or three kids that want booster car seats, make sure that the type you choose is ideal for your car and those they will use them for an elongated time because you don’t want to keep purchasing them again.


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