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Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Big Kids {Boys} Basketball Shoe

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Introducing Jordan Why Not Zero.1 for Big Kids {Boys}

No matter the style of your play or the position you play from, this Jordan why not zero.1 has your back. This is because; it is efficiently balanced and can help your kid to perform anything you want on the court. With this shoe, you can even see your kid driving through the hoop fearlessly in a hard and fast play.

The Jordan Why Not Zero.1 basketball shoes originate from the life story of the MVP reigning king Russell Westbrook. It is the first signature model which Russell used on the court. The designing is to complement the explosive pattern of play. The construction of this basketball shoe follows series of process in which the life story of Russell Westbrook’s rise from nothing to glory is depicted.

Features and Benefits

The Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Big Kids basketball shoe uses the hard and fast playing style of the MVP reigning king to deliver the classic play. This product comes with breathable fused-mesh crafting that provides a locked-down and lightweight containment. Your kid can perform efficiently to spin and sprint across the court in an explosive style without fear. No matter the position or style your kid is playing, what you will be hearing is the swooshing sound from the net. Also, a zoom air unit with full length delivers a responsive cushioning. Moreover, there are internal laces which are inspired by AJVI provide the essential lock-in comfort feel.

Pros and Cons of the Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Big Kids {boys} basketball Shoe

After taking much time to review this product, both professionals and casual players conclude that


  • The shoe showcases a futuristic look which is explosive play hard play on and out of the court.
  • It provides maximum support and containment that is unbeatable.
  • The Jordan Why Not Zero.1 for big kids provides the perfect fitting the wearers.
  • The cushioning of this specific basketball shoe has an excellent balance, stability, maximum bounce, and responsiveness.
  • No matter the condition of the court you will be playing on, this specific shoe will have perfect traction.
  • This Jordan Why Not shoe for big kids delivers highest solid lockdown feel through the mighty heel counter and also eliminate any internal sliding.
  • The uppers of this shoe are durable and flexible to stretch and conform to your kid’s foot movement while retaining its original strength.


  • The ventilation is not appropriate which makes the shoe get hot after few hours you are playing with it.
  • Sometimes, the run of this shoe tends to be narrow and a bit long.
  • Most kids find it difficult to put on their Jordan Why Not Zero.1 shoes.
  • The ankle collar tends to cause pain for some kids while they are playing.


The retail price for this particular basketball shoe is $95 although it can change due to your source of acquisition.


The colorways inspiration comes from LA’s district skyline and honors Russell Westbrook’s team colors and jersey numbers. They are white, black, red and pastel colors respectively.


The design of this show follows the futuristic all-star double play to deliver flight, speed, and responsive comfort.

Sizing and Fit

The shoe comes in so many different sizes to enable you chose your perfect fitting size.


It comes with a breathable fused-mesh that provides appropriate ventilation in and out of the shoe.


There is a Zoom air unit that is full in length to produce a responsive cushioning effect.


There are interior laces that come with a front toggle to provide secure support.


The materials used in the construction of this shoe is textile and synthetic for comfortable containment.


This is an iconic signature shoe that will provide your kid with perfect traction, lockdown support, fitting and comfortable support. The Jordan why not shoe for boys has balance, and you can play anything you want perfectly well.