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Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88 Men’s Running Shoe Review

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Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88Are you a runner searching for a shoe that will improve your experience on the track? Then you need a pair of this running shoe from Jordan. Apart from professional runners, this shoe can be what an enthusiast needs for the encouragement he needs to turn Pro.
You see, picking a running shoe from the thousands in the market can be herculean unless you have the right information. Fortunately, this Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88 men’s running shoe will take you to another level while running. Check out the full details below.


This brand of Jordan running shoes hit the market in March. Before then, Justin Timberlake launched the shoes in February unveiling the Black/Cement colorway. The same was the first to come out that March before others followed. The white/Fire Red- True Blue colorway also came out on the 14th.
One of the inspirations for this version is the Air Jordan 3 Black cement and True Blue colorways which were released in 1988. Also, another shoe that may have inspired the design of Zoom Tenacity 88 is the 1987 Air Safari because this running shoes used the Safari print which many fans love at the toe and the heel.
Although Justin Timberlake wore this running shoes during his Man of the Woods tour, many people are yet to discover this special running shoes.

Features and benefits

Like I said earlier, this shoe is an inspiration from different versions in the past that stole the hearts of many runners. There is the Nike Jordan Air cushioning which makes the shoe feel light and comfortable as you lift it up while working out. This running shoe comes in textile and synthetic overlays which delivers comfortable support to the runners. Moreover, the foam midsole with Nike Zoom Air unit provides responsive cushioning. As for excellent traction, you have it with the durable rubber tread.

Pros and cons of Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88 men’s running shoe

This shoe is the best for a workout because it has many things to offer you.


  • One thing you can be sure of in this Jordan shoe is how durable it is because you can work out comfortably without fear.
  • According to some runners, the midsole provides the cushioning they want to ensure that impacts will not cause them harm.
  • There is excellent traction with this brand of running shoes
  • Also, while running, you will feel comfortable throughout.


  • Runners are yet to discover the downside to this running shoes

Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88 Colorways

This running shoe has interesting colors that are aimed at catering for the preferences of different users. There are the black/cement colorways which will reduce the time you spend cleaning the shoes. The True-blue colorway is also available for when you want to look sporty on the tracks.


You don’t have anything to worry about with the Jordan zoom tenacity 88 men’s running shoe because it is designed with complete features that will provide comfort and support.

Sizing and fit

You can find your size in this version, and the fitting will be a done deal. There are no issues about the shape of the feet when you use this running shoes.


The premium grade materials which Jordan shoes are known for is also included in this version to ensure the inflow and outflow of air into the shoes.


The midsole is made of foam with Nike Zoom Air unit which provides responsive cushioning.


There are Textile and synthetic overlays which deliver comfortable support for runners.


There are high-quality materials combined to make this shoe a delight for runners. You will see the foam at the midsole, the durable rubber tread and the synthetic leather.


The Jordan zoom tenacity 88 men’s running shoe should be your first choice when searching for the best running shoes or the one that will withstand your rigorous workout. We are yet to discover the downside of this shoes so you can be sure to enjoy your shoes.