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Nike Air Max 97 SE Women’s Shoe Review

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Introducing Nike Air Max 97 SE Women’s Shoe


Nike air max 97 SE women shoeThe Nike air shoes have been making waves around the world, and today is one of the top sellers you can find in the market. Upon its latest release, Nike products have been given considerable attention amongst the public. The Nike shoe line is not an exemption from this public recognition, in fact, the Nike air max 97 SE shoes for women, has been clamored for; it is truly a revolutionary shoe.

This particular brand of the Nike products is a classic and has gone through some important changes, that is why it is important to have a Nike air max 97 SE women shoe review.

History Behind Nike Air Max 97 SE Women’s Shoe

The first time this shoe was premiered, was in 1997, and the model back then featured a full-length air max cushioning. Even with this feature, the Nike air max was still unbeaten and unrivaled, regarding quality relating to cushioning, comfort, traction and all the other qualities that make this shoe stand out. From 1997 till now, the Nike air max SE has gone through some impressive remodeling, leading up to this beauty; the present Nike air max 97 SE. Because of its beautiful 3M design, the Nike air caught the eyes of everyone, back then. Everyone spoke about it and wanted to have it, and up until today, it stills catches the eye of the public and everyone is still talking about it; and thanks to this Nike air max 97 SE women shoe review, more people will get to know about the shoe.

This piece of art was inspired by the Japanese bullet train; and like the bullet train, this Nike shoe is not only sleek, but fast, and boost the users. Recommended reading: Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoe Review.


  • It is made entirely out of synthetic leather. Its durability level, therefore, will be off the charts. Plus, the air max can withstand harsh weathers and climatic condition.
  • It is made with suede sole. The suede soles give it the traction and speed it needs. The suede also gives an extra boost, and swiftness in the air.
  • As an air max 97, the brand of Nike stands out as a product on a class of its own.


  • The Nike air max 97 SE was designed specifically for ladies. It helps to boost their speed and produces effective results.
  • The suede material makes it durable, as well as effective. It gives the feeling of comfort to the feet, while you workout.
  • Unlike other Nike products, the air max 97, is amongst those shores that were designed to cater to the needs of women, which is their delicate feet.
  • This shoe also comes in style. With an 18 color range to pick from, the shoe not only ticks present in its efficiency, but it also stands out in style, trend, and fashion. The Nike air max 97 SE is one of the most purchased shoe sneakers. Ladies not only use it for workouts, but they also use it as a fashion statement.



  • l It is Durable
  • l Comes in delightful colors
  • l Suede soles for traction
  • l A classic shoe idolized
  • l Comes in fun sizes



  • l price is high
  • l The shoe Does not cover all size range.



The traction of the Nike air max 97 SE is like never before. Users can use this shoe on slippery or a stooped ground and not be in danger of falling. In fact, the suede sole, which is comparable to the sole of a flip-flop, can comfortably be used on slippery grounds without losing its effectiveness. Meaning it still retains its speed and sleekness.



The Nike air max 97 SE is made with one of the finest synthetic leather, and it not only gives the shoes its durability, but the shoe is also contoured with a soft pad, making it comfortable as well. So you can enjoy comfort while you’re jogging, or if you want to wear the shoe for a casual outing.



The Nike air max 97 SE is made from two major materials, which is, the synthetic leather, and the suede sole.

The synthetic leather design pattern is so nice that not only is the shoe seen as trendy and fashionable, it also is durable

The suede sole gives the shoe its traction, and its ability to work on the wet and slippery ground effectively. Suede soles have been one of the hallmarks of Nike products. Not only does it prevent fall on slippery grounds, but it also reduces the rate of wear and tear of the sole of the shoe.


Sizes And fits.

Many customers have complained that the shoe size is small. It should be noted that the shoe was made for regular feet sized women and small feet women. If the user is a man, there is a strong possibility that they may not find their size, or even if they do, because the snicker is made for women, it did not account for the possibility of a male using the shoe, their weight could sink the shoe.

Rest assured, it comes in sizes 4 M, for big kids. Youth size, 3.5. 3.5 B (M) US and 6.5 B (M) US. Other large sizes are not yet available, but will soon come to the market. Get updated on the Nike air max 97 SE women shoe review, to know more about the available shoe sizes.



The air flow in the show is one of the mysteries behind its name. This shoe is more ventilated than a house on a sunny day, that’s if you wear the right size. The Nike air max 97 SE is one of the most ventilated shoes on the planet; the pads used to cushion the inside of the shoe, has pores that allow for free air ventilation in the shoe. Talk about triple efficiency; durable, properly ventilated, and fashion inclined.


Support and Stability

The Nike air max 97 SE has an auto balance mechanism that gives support to the user and stabilizes the users when they are using the snicker. This auto balance mechanism comes in handy when the users run or jog with the shoe.

Nike Air Max 97 SE Women’s Shoe Colorways

The colorway or design pattern of the Nike air max 97 SE, is made in a wavy pattern. This wavy pattern accounts for the shoe’s swift and aerodynamic feature. Plus the shoe comes in many colors, but one design pattern.