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Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoe Review

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Introducing Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoe


Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s ShoeThe Nike Air Max Ultra 17′ was created by Dylan Raasch, he came up with a simpler version of the classic Air Max. He eliminated suede, mesh, and leather of the original design. The newer version consists of a jacquard material with an Air bladder unit in the soles. Top executives criticized the upper detailing, it made them worried about the new look. However, the point was to create a sneaker that was different and stood out compared to the older models. Sneaker fanatics are pleased with the comfort and flexibility the product offers. The Nike Air Max was originally sold at $160, but sellers are now selling the item at a more affordable price.


History of Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoe


2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Nike’s Air Max 97, it’s also the revolution in advanced technological innovations from the making of earlier models. The original model launched in Fall 17′ by Christian Tresser, it had a futuristic appeal that stemmed from the full length of rubber in the midsoles. Its original color was metallic silver, known as the “Silver Bullet.” It was named after a Japanese railway that proved to be just as advanced as this model. Tressers use of metallic accents derived from a mountain bike whose titanium silver and strong resistance, gave him the inspiration to use the materials he did. Other colorways included the Navy/Volt, Obsidian/Royal Blue, and the Metallic Gold. Nike Also had a limited edition OG Silver Bullet which featured colors of the Italian flag. on the tongue. Twenty years after the sneaker launched, Nike re-introduced a more innovative style to its shimmering outlook. However, the company continued to reuse the distinct metallic feature of its original product. Upon, launching the Air Max 97 Ultra 17′, they eliminated much of the weighty materials used in the prior version. This new edition uses a jacquard texture, which is both lightweight and air permeable. It’s new features also included lightweight soles, where the Air bubble is more balanced. Air Max 97 Ultra 17′ colorways include a remake of the original Silver Bullet, Metallic Gold/Varsity Red. Other colorways included Black/Anthracite, Midnight Navy/Cool Gray, Triple Black, Platinum/White, Burgundy for men, and Light Orewood Brown and Rose Gold for women. Tresser’s 1986 sketch of the sneakers, known as Air Total Max focused on the use of 3M reflective material with a pearlescent effect for the makeup of the upper layer. He though the shimmer would compliment the cushion on its interior soles.


Features of Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoes

Most people speak on the comfort of the sneakers and the stability it gives, these are the best features. Also, the fact that the soles are closest to the ground. The biggest drawback would have to be the sizing because a lot of people are not aware they have to buy a size smaller for a better fit. Therefore, the sneakers could appear overly roomy. Since it was made for people with wider feet, people with narrow feet are more at a disadvantage when purchasing the product.

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Pros and Cons of Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoes:


Pros (Feedbacks Collected from athletes who bought these Shoes):


  • .”The Sneakers are in style, good sneakers, but are a bit expensive” – Andrea P.
  • .”They’re beautiful , comfortable, but can become tiring after a long wear.” – Denise G.
  • .”My absolute favorite, the most comfortable, and great designed sneakers.” – Kaylin M.
  • .”Comfortable shoes, trendy, and cool. Can be worn on any occasion.” – Alex R.
  • .”The sneakers are well padded, which gives support to all angles of the feet.” – anonymous
  • .”The reflective synthetic that makes up the upper part of the shoe gives it a cutting-edge style. – anonymous
  • .”The upper part of the shoe is soft and flexible.”- anonymous
  • .”I have plantar fasciitis, the sneakers give me a relief.” – anonymous
  • .”The product is aesthetically satisfying and functional.” – anonymous
  • .”The reduced air volume is more softer on the feet.” – anonymous
  • .”The wide width of the product gives comfort to the feet, especially at the end of a long wear.” – anonymous
  • .”Happy with the fact that the sneakers are being marked down.” – anonymous
  • .”Nike Air Bladder sole makes it comfortable to walk around in.”
  • .”Nike Ultra Air Max 97 is more lightweight compared to older models.” – anonymous
  • .”The synthetic upper is dirt and water resistant. – anonymous
  • . “Nike Ultra Air Max 97’s are the ideal sneakers anybody can dream of. The sneakers feature a variety of colors and sizes. The cons are that they might appear better than they look in real life.” – Oyind O.
  • . “I love my Nike running sneaker and wear them every time I go to the gym. They are extremely comfortable and do not irritate the feet. They can be very in-affordable, but for people who run this is a great investment.” – Misty B.
  • . “I have purchased 40+ Nike tennis shoes, and there’s not one pair I can complain about. They’re well made and are price worthy. They last long and are ideal for any sport. I run, hike, play sports, and shop in mines. I recommend this brand to anyone.” – Taylor E.
  • . “Extremely good looking trainers. My sister love these shoes, she always preserve them after each wear, by putting them back in the box. They’re comfortable, and she would buy them in every color if she could.” – Wayne H.
  • .”The sneakers look better offline. I would definitely recommend them to anybody. They’re so popular, they’ve sold out in almost all the store.” – Cheryl F
  • .”Extremely, good looking, very comfortable, and it’s reflective stripes are amazing I wear them everywhere.” – TylerT277690799
  • .”Price worthy. Very lightweight, comfortable, and functional sneakers. Reflective stripes for assuring safety, when running at night time.” – Michael74850141
  • .”The shoe quality is incredible and the look of the shoes is also key which this shoe holds. There’s nothing to dislike about the sneakers.” – anonymous


Cons (Feedbacks Collected from athletes who bought these Shoes)


  • .”Sneaker wear can cause blisters on the ankle.” – anonymous
  • .”Looks cheap compared to the original Air Max 97″ -anonymous



The all rubber outsole contribute to the best traction, it gives you good grip and stability.



Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 SE Women's Shoe CushioningThe removable insoles are ideal for additional comfort. Also, the visible Air bladder in the soles compliments the cushioning of the feet. Frankly Rudy, created the Air unit which is a cushioning technology made of shock absorbing bag filled with compressed gases.



The upper part of the sneakers is made from a jacquard material, which is more detailed than other fabrics. It also has an interlaced pattern which makes the upper structure tough. The sneakers’ hidden lace system contributes to an ideal fit. Other materials include the pull on tabs on both the tongue and heel, makes it easier to put on.


Sizing & Fit (Some people have narrow, wide or normal feet)

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 SE Women's Shoe Sizing Guide

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoe is bigger than the original model, which makes it perfect for those who have wide feet. People who have smaller and wider feet are recommended to purchase a size smaller. The sneakers are available in size 8 to 14 for men, and size 5 to 11 for women.



The cut out pockets on the top portion of the sneakers offer ventilation and access to air. The lace design also offers ventilation and allows the feet to breathe.


Support and Stability

Nike streamlines its sneakers, a process called Ultra tooling. Ultra tooling, is carving out areas in the soles to reduce the weight of the sneakers without interfering with the flexibility. Tinker Hatfield, came up with the idea of displaying the Air unit by putting a window in the midsole. This added to the comfort of the sneakers.


Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoe Colorways

The colorways include White/Vast Grey/White, Barely Green/Gum Yellow/Black and Rose/White/Gum Yellow/ Indigo.

  • The White/Vast Grey/White Air Max is a mix of white/grayish leather, white upper cutouts, and white sole finish.
  • The Barely Green/Gum Yellow/Black is a green leather, black upper cutouts, and a yellow sole finish.
  • The Rose/White/Yellow Gum Yellow/Indigo A Air Max All three colors are entirely gorgeous, if I could try any color it would be mahogany.


Overall (Verdict)


The Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE Women’s Shoe, is a revolutionary sneaker in that it uses new and improved material than that of it’s original. It features stylish sneakers, with built-in comfort and lightweight materials that make it easier to put on and also to keep the feet intact when exercising. However, the most impressive part yet is that the sneaker can be worn in any occasion. The sneaker is also a trademark because it’s launch represented the 20th anniversary of Nike.


The shoes are basically best suited for people with wide feet because the sneakers are made to shape that type of feet.

The shoes are not suited for people with small or narrow feet, because the shape of the sneaker is roomy and provides too much space.